hey welcome to the canada get back to normal video a video that anyone can easily pass around to explain what’s being asked the wall some truckers that went to ottawa have certainly made this ask go viral this isn’t all about truckers anymore this is now about all canadians yes even you so before we get started let’s get one thing straight right from the beginning this isn’t about race this isn’t about supremacy this isn’t about sex this isn’t about marginalized people this isn’t about fringe this isn’t about anti-facts this isn’t about irresponsibility this isn’t about some occupation hey you might have conflated protest in recent years with those kinds of things but this is not that this is good old dissenting against our government protest a peaceful protest a shovel in the sidewalks cleaning up all the garbage dancing in the streets kids in bouncy castles peaceful protest and if you notice it’s people of all races all groups all creeds all political leanings because this is about all canadians again yes even you this is not hard people this is about us getting back to normal so from now on if you hear anybody making claims about nazis or racists or any vaxxers or fringes it’s dumb they just don’t know how to counter argue a protest seeking our freedoms back so that’s fine they can try that but everybody can see it and we all know it deep in our gut come on even those slinging the bs know it so we good all clear now great let’s move on why is it time to go back to normal well first of all it’s been two years look canadians have tried damn we’ve tried nobody could ever say we didn’t try we tried for two years giving up living normally in an effort to fight this virus look at everything we did look at all the sacrifices we made even ninety 90 of us got vaccines 90 we did this because we were all in this battle together frankly it’s impressive that we all came together this much look we thought it could work we truly thought we could extinct this bastard virus out of our lives we thought that was the end game we really did but look at where we’re at now two years later and the virus is pretty much going around as it wishes we need to face up it’s not going anywhere for a very very long time heck even our own prime minister’s family all recently had covert themselves and they’re triple vaxxed jesus christ boys so what are we expected to do now the world was lucky to see the invention of wonderful medication revolutionary medication that gives our immune system practice with a synthetic version then our immune system can learn to fight off the synthetic version then voila our bodies are better at fighting off the real virus if we catch it that’s the science isn’t that great it’s reduced the deadliness of this virus a whole lot and has thus probably saved the lives of thousands of canadians but there is a problem let’s get real the vaccine is far from the silver bullet that we hoped it could be that revolutionary medication isn’t really a vaccine like people are still treating it as remember when we got our vaccine as little kids vaccines deliver immunity immunity means that once you get the shot you’re immune for the rest of your life and then you’re taken right off the table as a potential host for any illness but we got to snap out of it unfortunately that is not where we are at right now it’s great that we have the medicine we’ve got but we’re seeing millions of people including canada’s government support ongoing restriction policy as if we have an immunity delivering virus extincting vaccine clinging to that idea of an endgame that if canada could just get to 100 that will beat this bastard into extinction and then go back to normal we are continuing to make sure canadians get vaccinated because this is how we get through this pandemic sorry beating the virus that way is not going to happen right now honestly likely for decades sure we’re slowing transmission down great we can even keep doing vaccines when we go back to normal but that doesn’t make it all go away getting 10 percent more people to vaccinate isn’t going to change anything much 100 percent vast is not the promised land let’s be honest with ourselves where to go from here is not an answer that science can give us this is a principled brave adult decision of how we want to live going forward just remember if you’re so good and so virtuous to get the medicine you are protecting your immune system nobody else’s you can still catch the virus and transmit the virus so it’s not like the medicated are the responsible and safe canadians and the unmedicated are the irresponsible and unsafe canadians nope vax or unvaxxed were still all potentially dangerous i mean whether individual immune systems are pre-trained or not it should limit our individual aims or life paths right which is the basic philosophical point that canada is at right now there is no end game to wait for it’s time to go back to normal i mean what’s the alternative do we just go on like this going to three years five years 10 years what are we waiting for exactly i mean we need to ask the people in charge what are the exact parameters that must be met set by the canadian government to release everything back to normal what take notice there is never an answer to that question that should bother any canadian does it bother you most canadians need to revisit and reassess where we’re at right now because we basically have two choices as a nation right now we can live all restricted limited mandated massed with the virus on planet earth or live normally live free travel completely normally and we simply all individually choose our protection levels also with the virus on planet earth we gotta choose it’s time for the latter and think about it damn won’t it be great to travel freely to see each other without being tested like diseased lab rats to get all our businesses to open back up freely at whatever capacities they want to get this economy back roaring again and enjoying everything our towns and cities have to offer getting back on a path to recover all these lost jobs and getting all those trucks back on the road where they proudly deliver everything we need and it’ll destroy that supply chain problem forever what exactly are we waiting for now look it’s time for all canadians to simply snap out of our haze give the middle finger to this freaking virus and take back our lives yes as a country we’re going to accept a little risk it’s going to take a little bravery and just decide that we’re going to live free canadians are damn well strong enough to do this and hey when things go back to normal and you still want to take vaccination for the rest of your life go for it you still want to go out in public and wear a mask go for it if you want to keep your business limited or closed go for it see that’s the great thing about freedom you can still do you protect yourself as you see fit run your business as you see fit be in public in any way you see fit heck stay home every day if you want you do you it’s okay we can do this to sum up look we tried damn we tried two damn years we tried like i said nobody can say that we didn’t this is what the protest in ottawa is about because it’s time this is the ask back to normal now