Lecture by Marc Van Ranst, Belgian Flu Commissioner, at the ESWI/Chatham House Influenza Pandemic Preparedness Stakeholders Conference on 22 January 2019. Van Ranst talks about how he “prepared” public opinion to h1n1 epidemic via mainstream medias in 2009. For more insight and analysis into fake pandemics, I recommend reading Jon Rappoport’s artcles, some are found here: http://whale.to/c/jon_rappoport_a.html (I cannot share this link in a comment, of course…) UPLOADER’S COMMENTARY: I admit I’m still confused about this video. I think most of them are just well-behaved overly-educated (domesticated) public servants and cannot even form the thought that “vaccines can be bad”, because vaccines are always a good solution and big pharma has done so much good for humanity, right? However they talk about a “pandemic” proven to be a fake, and a vaccine proven to be more harmful than beneficial, ten years after the facts… Their weak orthodox minds just consider this as a simple failure (because, hey, we’re just humans) and refuse to see premeditated evil? They’ve been so brainwashed by their “higher education”… or they’re openly supporting massive population reduction because of the “greater good”? I think they don’t have to hide anything like this, only the small lies must be hidden, the bigger “in your face” lies are just rejected by the public’s credulity, or, because of lack of insight and background informations to understand what they’ve just witnessed. “it can’t be true because what it entails is too evil”. It is a form of powerful cognitive dissonance. This video has not been leaked in any way, it was public from the start. What is censored is the constructive discussion of it, and they do not want it to go viral, otherwise it will be deleted. A lot of “third-rail topics” can emerge from discussing this video. They want ignorant people, not too many informed people. Without discussing it, you can’t really understand what you’re looking at, except if you were in this room and you care to describe your mindset to “peasants”. You can actually find a lot of content like this if you know where to look, most think tanks’ official YT channels with dozens of videos are never watched by anybody (or so few), but they are PUBLIC. For a telling example, see the Global Steering Group (GSG) channel “Real Impact” https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdTW… I recommend watching their videos with Al Gore, he is one of the powerful actors at play behind the current agenda.

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